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REZ PLZ Coming To Nintendo Switch in 2020

Graffiti Games and Long Neck Games has released new details for REZ PLZ.

Get ready for a game where death is your best friend and sacrificing your brother is encouraged. Today, Graffiti Games and Long Neck Games reveal that their upcoming co-op puzzle platformer, REZ PLZ, will release next year on Nintendo SwitchTM, Xbox One and Steam (PC, Mac and Linux). Gamers can try REZ PLZ prior to launch by visiting the Graffiti Games booth, 5201, at this year’s PAX West.

REZ PLZ is a pixel art puzzle platformer where 1-2 players control two wizard brothers, Arcan and Zeph, who possess the power of resurrection. While traversing through platforming challenges and solving puzzles, players will encounter dangerous monsters and traps that require them to KILL one of the wizard brothers to advance. But thanks to a magical scroll, the brothers are able to resurrect each other from a multitude of one-hit deaths, ranging from being sliced in half, eaten by creatures, burned alive and more. As players progress, they will unlock new spells that grant them abilities to conquer the increasingly difficult challenges ahead. Discover the many ways to die in this new gameplay trailer: https://youtu.be/o-w0CI8AKaI

Key Features Include:

  • Co-op Play – Band together with your “brother” to take on REZ PLZ’s challenges, and remember that teamwork is key.
  • Dastardly Puzzle-Solving – Use magical abilities to solve difficult puzzles, but sometimes death is the only solution.
  • Death Around Every Corner – Death is everywhere in REZ PLZ, and can come from being eaten by monsters, sliced in half by guards, smashed by boulders and more.
  • Five Unique Biomes in a Pixel Art World – Conquer beautifully rendered pixel art biomes, each with its own unique challenges and monsters.
  • Unlockables – Explore and find a bevy of unlockable cosmetic items and unlockable gauntlet levels to customize your gameplay.
  • Bonus Modes – Challenge yourself further with bonus modes such as PVP foot race
  • “REZ PLZ is a game that makes death another part of the adventure,” said Nathan Pearce, developer at Long Neck Games. “Whether it’s deciding on your own which brother to sacrifice or working with a friend to choose who will die, death makes for a dark yet fun experience that has you coming back for more.”

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