Borderlands 3 Review (Xbox One)

2K Games and Gearbox Software have released Borderlands 3. Read on to learn more.

If you are like me, then you have waited many years for the release of Borderlands 3. There are not a lot of series that are very dear to my heart, and the Borderlands franchise is one of the very few series on that list for me. From the first game, I automatically fell in love with the game's quirky characters and storyline, phenomenal voice acting and its beautifully drawn graphics.

It is always hard when you wait so long for a sequel, because you worry that they will mess with all the things that you loved about the franchise. Well don't fret because Borderlands 3 is everything that fans have been eagerly awaiting and gives you the same wild ride through Pandora as past games in the series did.

Borderlands 3  features tons of new weapons, interesting enemies and exotic worlds to explore reaching far beyond that of Pandora. Fans also get some great new vault hunters that includes Moze, Amara, FL4K and Zane. These new hunters come with special abilities and perks to give you that extra edge no matter what your playstyle is!

The new gunner Moze has the ability to digistruct and pilot a mech which is super powerful and useful in battle. The siren Amara has the ability to summon a ton of special abilities and smash her foes with her ethereal fists allowing you to stand back from the battle and fight from a distance. The beastmaster FL4K can call upon a variety of pets to attack incoming enemies. And lastly you have the operative Zane who has a wide arsenal of gadgets at his disposable.

One of the best parts of the new release is that you get to venture out and explore more worlds, outside of Pandora. After you make some progress in the storyline, you will actually get to take control of a new ship Sanctuary III (which is almost as big as planet itself) and make your way to other worlds such as Athenas, EDEN-6 and Promethea. There is so much content in Borderlands 3 with the main story mission and all of the side quests that you will be playing for hours on end! The replayability in Borderlands 3 is off the charts!

If you have never played the Borderlands series, the new release makes it very easy to pick up and play without having to play the other titles in the franchise. Borderlands 3  is a co-op combination game that mixes the best elements of RPGs and first person shooters into one badass game unlike anything else on the market. Gamers, with the guidance of the hilarious Claptrap, will complete quests and side missions as one of the four main character classes. After you kill enemies, they often drop loot such as weapons, gear, currency, etc. As you gain experience, players can unlock new abilities in their character's skill tree. If you decide that you want to go another route with your character, then you can pay a fee at the character customization station to reset all of your points. Borderlands 3's main storyline involves stopping a cult like army ran by the twins Troy and Tyreen Calypso who are trying to tap into all of the vaults in order to harness their power. These zany characters will pop up all over the game, and you will have to defeat badasses and other enemies they send your way!

Borderlands 3  has all the beloved characters you love from the series including Maya, Moxxi, Ellie, and many more. The game feels very much like a true return to the series with not only beloved characters, but old, familiar territories and gameplay. You pick up the game where you left off and there is a great sense of nostalgia. You almost feel like you never put the controller down in Borderlands and are just continuing from where you left off. There is enough new content to keep the series refreshing but it doesn't try to steer to far from the original gameplay that everyone loved and cherished.

In the end, Borderlands 3  is a charming trip down an old familiar road. It has everything you would want in a game such as memorable characters, an emotional storyline and immersive gameplay. All-in-all, Borderlands 3  manages to deliver on all fronts and gives gamers everything they have been pining for in the series. If you want an adventure unlike any other, then pick up Borderlands 3  today, because it is possibly one of the best game releases of 2019! To learn more, visit the official Borderlands 3  website.

Score: 10 out of 10
Reviewed for Xbox One

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