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vRotors Reveals New Mixed Reality Platform Game

vRotors has announced its new mixed reality platform game. Read on.

vRotors, a company built by an Acclaim Games founder with a former Niantic creative pioneer, announced today its new mixed reality platform game that puts players in the cockpit of an actual drone. Flying on a real course, they’ll race against and wage war on other players from around the world. The new platform invites anyone with a PC or VR headset to experience the fun of racing drones without the challenge of finding legal locations, the fear of crashing, or finding others to race against. The drone mounted camera gives users a full first person / mixed reality cockpit experience for aspiring aces.

Not just fun for the player, vRotors is fully integrated with Twitch, giving spectators the opportunity to influence the race’s outcome by taking charge of repairing the ship and providing weapons support. Streamers interested in joining the upcoming beta for this highly interactive experience should visit: vrotors.com/partners. Check out vRotors in action HERE: vrotors.com/teaser
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