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Why Has Online Casino Taken Inspiration from Video Games?

The nature of the gaming industry means that every facet is interconnected. Gamers who play long campaigns are often the same audience who play 
hypercasual mobile games. Those who indulge in console eSports can often be found iGaming as well. As such, there is a synergy between the different facets of gaming that allow each aspect to inspire and influence one another. That couldn’t be truer than for the online casino industry and how casinos have begun to take inspiration from video gaming. 

Marketing Incentives 
The bottom line of any gaming release strategy is the marketing efforts, whether this includes a specific event to download something to benefit you in the game, or a limited-edition box to own a physical copy of the game. iGaming also has marketing strategies to get customers excited. As the £10 no deposit bonus in NetEnt Casino shows, offering a welcome bonus to new customers could help them to opt for one site over a competitor. When all platforms are offering welcome bonuses, sites need to be savvy in order to analyze which bonuses reflect best for their hero offering. Some offer free spins, others no deposit bonuses. Customers know that a new customer bonus will often be offered to them.  

Live Streaming 
The growing popularity of Twitch and the success many people are finding as pro-gamers active on streaming platforms has blended well into the iGaming industry. There are between 2.2 and 3.2 million monthly broadcasters on Twitch alone. While some are playing the latest games – from Minecraft to Fortnite, FIFA to Dota 2 – others have crafted niches for themselves firing up the old N64 or delving into the archives of the PS1. iGaming has developed its own live streaming style of gameplay for fans who might be inspired by what console and PC gaming offers. This includes games such as poker, roulette, and blackjack being live streamed so that the player can actually see a real-life dealer as they play. This adds an extra element of excitement to the game and shows just how influential live streaming has become (although, in all fairness, live casino games seem to have developed in parallel to sites like Twitch). 

Game Releases  
When it comes to gaming, developers and brands have their fans hanging onto their every word. Whether its Nintendo’s release of a new region-specific Pok√©mon or some new skins on Overwatch, games fans love when they are being given new information or new releases by the company. The same can be said for the world of iGaming, where new games are released all the time, with slots often taking advantage of the latest trends and popular franchises. By gradually revealing things to fans, brands know the latter will feel in the loop and will be more likely to grow invested. Similarly, by frequently updating the games available, iGaming is able to attract customers with the promise of new opportunities for entertainment. 

The world of video gaming is influential on a global scale and other industries, such as the closely related iGaming sector, can take inspiration and influence from the world of gaming when creating their unique offerings to their customers.  
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