3 Video Games That Feature Poker (And How To Up Your Game)

It’s predicted that there will be 2.7 billion video gamers by 2021 – that’s a third of the population as of 2019. While there are many different specialties, there’s still room for adding classic casino games to video titles and poker is perhaps the most popular one to include.

From Red Dead Redemption to Full House Poker, these are three video games that both feature poker and give you some help in improving your game.

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Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is a phenomenally successful third-person shooter that takes you into all the filth and energy of the Wild West. Your character is John Marston, an ex-outlaw who has been bought as a hired gun by the government in order to save his son and wife. There’s violence aplenty and a little time to play some poker too.

Few video games are as well-known for their poker element as Red Dead Redemption. This is because the graphics and gameplay are among the best you’ll find outside of an online casino or web-based poker card room – the experience is as realistic as you could hope for from a video game.

Perhaps the most interesting way that Red Dead Redemption teaches you to up your poker game is its treatment of going all-in – the act of betting all the money you have at a given moment. This is because adopting this tactic and resetting if it fails it offers a credible way of beating the game – which is contrary to real life, where going all-in has no reset button and that allows you to reboot your bank account if you lose your hand.


WATCH_DOGS is an action-heavy adventure video game which is set in Chicago – though, the version is given a heavy dose of creative licence, despite the incorporation of regional dialect. You play as Aiden Pearce, a hacker thirsty for avenging his murdered niece, and a man who likes a game of poker.

The poker played WATCH_DOGS is Texas Hold 'em – unsurprising, given that it’s the most popular version of poker. You can use Aiden’s hacking skills to gain an advantage and avoid the sort of bad beats you get at the World Series Of Poker.

WATCH_DOGS helps you to up your poker game by exposing you to the temperament needed at four different stakes:

● Low
● Medium
● High
● Super

Full House Poker

No list of the best video games featuring poker would be complete without Full House Poker (after all, it’s based purely on the world’s leading card game). As you’d expect from its name, this is a title that’s all about poker and it lets you get to grips with the game through impressive RPG features that allow you to live the life of a poker pro.

You get to interact with a variety of characters on Full House Poker, each of which is focused on a certain playing style – there’s Larry Louche (a table bully), Lily Sun (a true nit), Rachel Raise (who just can’t stay away from the action) and plenty more.

The best way that Full House Poker helps you to up your game is through the number of formats that are available to you – there are live events, tournaments, and Texas Hold Em' matches for you to try, giving a good range of poker games to test your skills and improve the mastery of your style.
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