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The World Next Door Review (PC)

Rose City Games has released The World Next Door for PC and Nintendo Switch. Read on.

As Christmas approaches, many of us are looking for those perfect gifts to add to our shopping list. Rose City Games just released their first title this year with The World Next Door. The game manages to take some powerful storytelling elements and combines it with interactive puzzles and immersive gameplay. The World Next Door focuses on our rebellious  protagonist  Jun who becomes trapped in another world full of magical creatures. She must find her way out of this parallel realm and make her way home.

The narrative and beautiful graphics manage to engulf the player into this magical world where they will come across a wide array of interesting characters. The game draws from the thrilling action of anime and combines it with fast-paced combat for an overall enjoyable gameplay experience.

In the world of Emrys, everything is possible, including magic and mythical creatures. A lottery experience chooses who can visit Emrys from Earth and Jun is picked to visit. Her friends there try to teach her about magic, but she soon learns that she is stranded, and the magical adventure she hoped for leaves her yearning for home.

The game unfolds like a graphic novel and the characters voice acting is similar to the Sims. Being they really just talk in gibberish. Players will make their way through the beautiful world while talking to NPCs and completing puzzles to proceed. The variety of enemies is limited, but they are drawn quite nice, just like the characters.

In the end, The World Next Door is a fun and entertaining adventure through a magical realm. The only downside to the game was that it was just too short. The game ends without tying up all of the plot holes and just leaves you wanting more. To learn more, visit the official The World Next Door website.


  • Journey into Emrys, a magical world brought to life with anime-inspired characters designed by Lord Gris
  • Play as Jun, an adventurous teenager, who must use magical runes and the help of her friends to defeat opponents and find a way home
  • Cast spells by activating magical runes in fast-paced, real-time combat that mixes the fun of puzzle-combos with action gameplay
  • Immerse yourself in a supernatural story with branching dialogue and reputation systems that affect your relationships with characters in the game
  • Focus on the story while still enjoying the gameplay using Assist Mode
  • Challenge your friends in the lightning-fast Versus Mode

Score: 7.5 out of 10
Reviewed for PC

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