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Infliction: Extended Cut Bringing Fear and Dread to PS4 and Xbox One

Are you ready to step into a new psychological horror game? Then get ready for Infliction: Extended Cut.

Infliction: Extended Cut, the psychological horror game from Caustic Reality and Blowfish Studios, explores the darkness haunting the remnants of a suburban family. The game brings fear and dread to PlayStation 4, and Xbox One beginning Feb. 25, with a Nintendo Switch version coming at a later date. In the wake of unthinkable tragedy, step into an interactive nightmare set within a once-happy home now plagued by malevolent spirits. Evade their relentless pursuit while searching for a means of escape and piecing together the mystery behind a harrowing series of events. This new and improved version contains all the content from the original Steam release with an expanded story and a New Game Plus mode with fresh scares, puzzles, and endings.
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