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The Most Important Video Games Trends in 2020

Fortunately. the gaming industry has been one of the more resilient to the catastrophic turn of events in 2020. While the COVID-19 outbreak has certainly had an impact on the industry the business is still going strong, more gamers have been born out of social-distancing and there are new opportunities on the horizon. Gaming has been one of the best ways to socialize during the lockdown. The WHO even recommended it as an alternative social activity.

The question is, what kind of games are all these new gamers playing and which ones are on the rise? Video game companies have been able to capitalize on this new wave of casual gamers, and many other trends have emerged this year. Here a few of the most important video game trends that have come about in 2020.

Free downloads

It’s become commonplace to offer free games to download as an incentive, and then later charge for optional purchases during gameplay instead. Clash Royale is an example of one of these games for mobiles. The app is completely free to download and players even have the option to disable the in-app purchases option in their device settings.

This trend has also become big in desktop games such as Fortnite, and iGaming industry as well. It’s a perfect technique to entice gamers by letting them download the game for free, and have the option to purchase tools and items later. It’s a successful way to get the product out there for promotion, and gamers feel relaxed about trying a new game without forking out for it.

The streaming revolution

Cloud gaming is also a means of playing a game without having to buy it or invest in hardware or consoles. Whether it’s on a secure cheap vps or home server, streaming is great because all you need is a fast internet connection. With smart TVs as well, many gamers have had the pleasure of streaming directly in their living rooms.

The popularity of the Google app Stadia suggests a positive outlook for cloud-gaming in the future. Stadia allows AAA, console, and PC games to be transferred to any device without using any hardware. Google does all the work for you and streams the game off the internet. Stadia also has a range of accessibility options, making streaming games open to all.

Big releases

Both Xbox and Sony are said to be getting ready for big console releases at the end of this year, so the industry must be doing well. The Microsoft Xbox Series X and Sony Playstation 5 are the main eagerly awaited consoles on the way. Many gaming fans can also look forward to the releases of important games such as Halo Infinite and The Last of Us Part 2.

These releases are all coming in time for Christmas or before, so it’ll be interesting to see who comes out on top. There are still plenty of exciting things to look out for in the high-end market as well in 2020.

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