Own Your Very Own Video Game Publication - BioGamer Girl Now For Sale!

Have you ever dreamed of getting into the gaming  industry? Well it might be your lucky day! Read on.

The world has completely changed this year. As we adjust to this new way of life, it may make you think a little differently and push you to pursue some of your dreams and passions. Most of us probably never thought we live long enough to see a pandemic in our lifetime--but here it is--staring us all in the face. As we learn to adjust to this new world our Founder Amanda Dyar and EIC Alissa Worley have decided to put BioGamerGirl.com up for sale. 

The BGG team will be pursuing new ventures and this is not the last time you have heard from us! We have much bigger things in the works for the future, including the publishing of a new novel! 

If you are interested, or know someone that is, in owning your own video game publication then email biogamergirl@live.com today! Serious inquiries only! 

We look forward to the future ahead and hope everyone is staying safe and healthy at home during this time. 
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