Couple Tips: Watch What You Say During Fights

One of the key attributes of a successful relationship depends on the way you fight. 

The thing that most couples don't get is that the way you act during an argument and the words you choose can make or break a relationship.

Resentment can occur when one partner says or does something in the midst of the argument to hurt the other. As time goes on, these little hurtful snippets add up and resentment starts to form. So getting the last word might actually be costing you your chance at real love.

A key rule to remember is never go to bed angry and to listen to your partner before speaking. Because you can't take back the hurtful things you say, so choose your words carefully.

If you have a partner with mental health issues, then it's never a good idea to belittle or talk down to them. If they have suffered trauma or have PTSD, then your actions can trigger that past trauma, leading to months of pain and suffering for both of you.

Every fight should be a chance to go over issues and find practical solutions. If your partner never works on a resolution or makes excuses, then it's time to move on.

In a relationship, save your energy to show your partner how much you care, and you will never fight in the first place. 

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