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Review: Shenanigans Comedy Theatre (Huntsville)

Shenanigans Comedy Theatre in Huntsville, Alabama is the place for great standup, improv and sketch comedy. The theater is one of the few locations around the United States and is owned by Kim Wilson, Jessica Cotton, and Jesse Pollard.

It was my first time at the theater, but I could tell it was a great place from the admission price of $10, and the cheap concessions. The concessions cost about what you pay for in any store--which was great! I don't know how many shows I have been to, and it never be under $100 after concessions! So, it does make the experience even more enjoyable when its affordable for all walks of life. 

Shenanigans is a very small, intimate theater and puts you up-close-and-personal with the comedians. From the hosts to the comedians that participated in the "You Look Like" roast, every single person was fantastic. And that is really hard to say about anything really. 

The show we watched took two comedians going head-to-head in a roast where each one had to throw out comedic lines of what the other one looked like. One of my favorites, was geared at a comedian I called Brian (wasn't his name), who was told he looked like "someone who had always had health insurance." He was a young white male, with a frat boy personality, and it was spot on! 

After two rounds, a winner was named, and then that person gets to compete the following week. However, once they win twice, they are retired. This means they can no longer compete there in competitions. Which I think is a great idea and gives chances for other comedians to step up in the limelight after the champion is retired. 

One of the best parts of Shenanigans was their fantastic ability to get the audience involved. One instance of this was getting a volunteer who was then roasted on stage by the winning comedians from the first round. The audience was even allowed to turn in their own "You Look Like" roasts geared toward the participating comedians. I actually won two free tickets for my contribution of "You look like Dora Explorer's southern cousin who gets no swipes on Tinder. Swiper, no swiping!" 

However, I must say, it was geared more towards the female comic's fanny pack than anything else. She was actually a very funny, likeable, and beautiful girl. But that is part of standup, finding small things to make fun of yourself about to make others laugh. And these comics went hard core on that concept! 

In the end, I had a great time at Shenanigans Comedy Theatre and will likely return! And one lucky reader will be receiving a free pair of tickets on our Facebook page to the event courtesy of BioGamer Girl! To learn more about Shenanigans, visit the official website here, and we hope to see you there! 

And if Dora did go on a tinder date...

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