Short Review: Dungeon Quest Builders 2

I came across Dungeon Quest Builders 2 while searching for new games to play on Gamepass. I didn't expect much at first but was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved this game! The title is much like an epic compilation of some of the classics like Zelda, Final Fantasy and even Minecraft. 

Dungeon Quest Builders 2 is around 100+ hours of gameplay, with each new town you visit taking around 6-8 hours to beat. In each town, you make new friends to take back to your personal island, Isle of Awakening, while building several buildings and items as requested. 

The only downfall of the game I found is that you cannot skip cutscenes and some of the dialogue between characters is just too wordy. The battles are pretty easy until the end boss, who took me three times to beat. Really use that cannon at the end of the game, don't let up! 

Dungeon Quest Builders 2 is an epic throwback to everything you loved about old games. Great characters, beautiful writing, and of course, fun crafting and building mechanics. In the end, if you are looking for something that has great replay value, then this could be it!

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