Noble Fates Update Revealed with Action-Packed New Trailer

Xobermon has announced the release of a brand-new update for Noble Fates. Read on.

Xobermon LLC. has released its latest update for the fantasy kingdom building sim Noble Fates today. Dubbed “The Bandit Update”, it features nefarious Bandits who earn their living by robbing and stealing, a new quest system where Mortals ask for help, and Ramshackle Props - the new starter building tier, that offers quick and cheap shelter. The Bandit Update also brings fully implemented Steam Workshop, browse and subscribe to any of the 30+ mods available at launch - ranging from new races and buildables to alchemy. Mod makers can upload and update their mods from within the game!

To celebrate this ruthless update Noble Fates is discounted to an absolute steal at $19.99 on Steam (20% discount off the full retail price $24.99).

Watch the Noble Fates Bandit Update trailer HERE:

Noble Fates Bandit Update Features:
  • Bandits – Some of the more nefarious Mortals have discovered that they can make a living by robbing and stealing. Keep them away from any loose belongings you may have. Give your visitors a safe place to sleep so they aren’t robbed.
  • Quests – Mortals accosted by the bandits can now ask for help through the new Quest System. Decide if they are worthy of your time and choose how to handle their requests – do you pay the Bandits to get the belongings back? Offer the Bandits something of value for trade? Or beat it out of them? Choose wisely - the consequences are part of the fun!
  • Ramshackle Props – The starter building tier is now Ramshackle. Offering quick and cheap shelter, Ramshackle Props are not worth much and may crumble from a dirty look by an enemy, but are useful in a pinch.
  • Crossbows! - Slow to fire but much more accurate than standard bows, these new ranged weapons make short work of your enemies!
  • Steam Workshop – Noble Fates Steam workshop is fully implemented! Browse and subscribe to the mods you are interested in right in Steam. Manage your mods in-game through the new Mod Management interface. Modders can upload and update mods easier with the in-game tools.
  • Steam Cloud Saves – Finally! Your kingdoms will come along with you to whatever PC you play on next!
  • Inspired by the depth and fun of Rimworld and the brutal clash of ambition, intrigue, and violence from Game of Thrones, Noble Fates charges players with building a kingdom worthy of lasting recognition. Build, craft, farm, mine, hunt, defend – even command from the sky, or take control in third person. Your story goes where the people, your actions, and their reactions take it.

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