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Huntsville Eats: The Toybox Bistro

If your looking for a nerdy place to eat, then look no further than the Toybox Bistro.

Being nerdy isn't just something to enjoy, it's something to celebrate! The Toybox Bistro is a celebration of everything nerd and geek and covers literally every nook and cranny of Toybox Bistro. Even the ceilings! So drop by and check out the Weapons Wall, the table tops, and be sure to look around to see what you can see. From our fabled waffled mac & cheese, fried spicy pickles, to their amazing selection of burgers and ripper dogs, there is a lot to like on on the menu. And if their comfort food par excellence is not firing you up, fret not! Their inspired chefs have specials for every lunch and dinner, and not to mention our Saturday Brunch!

WHERE:  511 Jordan Ln NW, Huntsville, AL 35805


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