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Why Is Fortnite Still So Popular?

While Fortnite was in “beta” for what seems like an eternity, the reason it’s still one of the most popular games around isn’t that it has excellent gameplay or because it’s free, although those aspects certainly help. No, the underlying reason for Fortnite’s popularity is content. The frequency and quality of content drops in Fortnite are incredible, and content is king. 

The most critical aspect of Fortnite’s content is the cadence. Content is constantly rolling out with giant seasonal and chapter resets that have destroyed the game world and restarted it from scratch. A continually rotating map keeps things fresh, alongside ridiculous additions like vehicles and other fun options constantly being injected into the core game. Other games as service titles can struggle to produce new stuff even at the quarterly level, whereas Fortnite is dropping something new every week and every month. The sense that there will be some fantastic feature or original mechanic waiting for the player each time they log on makes for strong retention and engagement, even over an extended period. 

Fortnite made the game even more palatable for players of all skill levels by adding a “no-build” mode where players don’t have to deal with the frantic building element during a shootout. While highly skilled players can take advantage of building complex defenses instantly, many players don’t want to deal with getting beaten by boards and stairways. The building aspect was once a key differentiator for Fortnite when it was vying for dominance in the battle royale scene against titles like PUBG. Still, it’s way more fun to go into a match without worrying about crafting towers and walls. Players can pick an outfit that shows off their style, whether they want to play as an anime girl or a Marvel superhero. Skins and cosmetics do not make a game, but it helps to know Fortnite is constantly tapping into the biggest IPs for collaborations. It is also important to note that Fortnite’s shop structure - where items are only available for purchase for a limited time - also encourages daily check-ins to see what is in the store. Yes, the Fortnite store takes advantage of FOMO, and it works. 

No other game can keep up the pace or quality of Fortnite’s content rollouts, which is why it is likely to dominate for years to come. In addition, Epic can tie Fortnite into several other pursuits. They’ve already successfully held concerts and parties in the virtual space with Fortnite, which could be a springboard to some kind of metaverse expansion. Fortnite’s not just a game - it’s a platform

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