Cheyney's Vacation Looks Under $10


Cheyney is back! And this time she is showing us her secrets to going on vacation on a budget with several looks under $10! These fashion styles take under 30 minutes to put together and include thrift store and clearance finds.

Leggings are a must in your $10 looks. These can be found on clearance or at thrift stores for $2 to $5!

Press on nails for under $3. You can find large packs of colored nails online for cheap. These help you change nails fast to match your outfit.

Another staple of your vacation looks outside your Leggings or nails is your clearance tops and rompers. If you shop clearance sales in between seasons at Cato's or Rue21 then you can get several blouses and rompers under $10. Rompers are great vacation attire that is cheap and comfortable.

The last staple of your $10 vacation looks is your tank tops and swim attire which can be found on clearance right now! Get these for pennies on the dollar when the weather gets cold to wear to your next beach vacation!

And don't forget to hit up friends and family for your looks. Sometimes they have something that can be made into a beautiful vacation look for FREE!

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