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All-You-Can-Eat Wing Night for $19.99 Starts at Toybox Bistro in Huntsville


The Toybox Bistro is a fun little restaurant located at 511 Jordan Ln NW, Huntsville, AL 35805 has announced its all-you-can-eat wing night held monthly at the establishment. For only $19.99 per person, wing lovers can head over the restaurant and eat all the wings their stomach can handle. You get to choose from several dipping sauces that includes the establishment's very on Blueberry Jalapeno dipping sauce. The only catch is there is no sharing and no doggie bags. I tried out Toybox Bistro's All-You-Can-Eat Wing night that started at 5 PM. A server brings you out 12 wings the first time you order, and you choose your dipping sauce. Well, that is as far as I made it. I couldn't eat anymore. And while a couple at the next table had downed 8 baskets together before I got there. I would say it evens out for the restaurant at the end of the day. 

We love a deal in today's economy, but if you can't eat more than 12, than you are actually overpaying at $19.99 a person. But if you really work up an appetite then this may be the deal for you! This event happens monthly now at Toybox Bistro, call for details, 256-513-8469. 

Learn more at the official website, www.toyboxbistro.com.

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