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Sanctuary Saga: Prelude Coming To Steam March 8

Boomer's Worship has announced Sanctuary Saga: Prelude will release on PC this March. Read on. 

Developer Boomer’s Workshop is pleased to announce that its action RPG title Sanctuary Saga: Prelude is heading to Steam on March 8th, 2022. A new take on classic party-based RPGs, Sanctuary Saga has players assembling a guild and guiding them through the dangerous Untamed Wilds while maintaining the group’s relationships to each other.

Sanctuary Saga: Prelude features four unique biomes for players to explore. From lush forests to the decrepit Deadlands, each location will introduce a new set of challenges as well as dangerous enemies. The game utilizes turn-based combat with a row based skill system making row management and positioning absolute key for each battle. Each hero in the party also possesses six unique skills that, when used correctly, can truly turn the tide of battle.

Among the game’s more minor battles, players will be tasked with fighting mighty bosses. Each of these enemies have their own unique strategies so players will need to think quickly in order to find the best way to take them down. Learning attack patterns will be the key to survival.

Unique to Sanctuary Saga: Prelude is the game’s argument meter. Monitoring the meter is very important during battle because if it gets too high, some party members might refuse to keep fighting. This mechanic is also tied into the game’s relationship system, where players can form bonds with other party members. Maintaining good relationships will make battles go much smoother and bad relationships can lead to devastating defeats.

Sanctuary Saga: Prelude launches on PC on March 8th, 2023. Aspiring guild members can wishlist the game on Steam now. Players can also catch the demo during Steam Next Fest from February 6th-13th. Stay up to date on Sanctuary Saga by following them on their official Twitter.

Key Features:

  • Play as six unique heroes with their own skills and abilities
  • Challenge enemies in dynamic turn-based battles
  • Keep your team together with the argument system, with ramifications if character relationships go wrong
  • Explore four varied biomes each with their own unique challenges
  • Face off against 18 Mini-Boss Encounters and 17 Boss Encounters throughout your journey

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