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Broken Light: Rise of the Life Weavers by M.L. Valentine Now on Sale

"Broken Light: Rise of the Life Weavers," is a science fiction novel that follows the story of a group of humans who live in a world where technology has been destroyed. Instead, they have developed a special ability to manipulate light and create powerful energy constructs. The main character is a skilled life weaver who embarks on a dangerous journey to find her missing loved one and uncovers the truth about their abilities. Along the way, she discovers secrets about their world and the existence of other life forms beyond their planet.

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In a world that rests on the brink of light and darkness, one special woman is poised to balance the scales forever. Celeste quickly learns that her humble country upbringing and quiet life nestled in the woods is going to take a huge turn as the forces of evil stalk her. She uncovers valuable information about her past as her husband Anthony stumbles upon a big secret at work - that sends him to the North Pole. But not all as it seems, as Santa Claus is actually the greatest of all demons, hatching a plan to use Christmas as a weapon to enslave humanity from across the dimensions.

Celeste taps into her ancient lineage and destiny, fending off a deadly demon attack, and escapes to the portal between worlds, where she and Anthony inadvertently intertwine the worlds, allowing Big Red to come and start destroying the human world. Survivors flock to various forts, meeting up with agents of the Light Weavers - beings with strange abilities and mysterious powers that weave the fate of the world. These characters possess special skills that are useful for rebuilding humanity - planting crops in frozen temperatures, heating the deadly cold, and more. Along the way, we discover that Celeste has passed from vessel to vessel across the ages, waiting for her chance to finally restore the world by defeating Big Red.

This all culminates after Red has defeated or turned 97% of humanity on the frozen rock that would have once been known as Earth, and only a new child born in Fort Cole possesses the new hope to defeat him with the spirit of Celeste inside her. Along the way, we explore the backstories of other key figures, like Mariposa the Immortal, who unlocks terrible secret power in the pages of a blank book, or Diane the Demon who never caught a break. These all tie into an epic conclusion where some rogue elements of Big Red's forces decide to make a play for the dark throne themselves, leading to a showdown between the allied heroes and a reborn Celeste. It's a classic good vs. evil conclusion with a twist that reveals even more shocking secrets about the universe in Broken Light.

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