The 5 Strangest Weapons in Video Games

Video games have a long history of producing strange items that have a nearly non-lethal history in the real world. Strange weapons in video can seem very out of place as a weapon, too disgusting to even use or so silly you can’t help but use the weapon as a means to kill enemies even if a more powerful weapon is in your arsenal. One thing is for sure–strange weapons make any game more interesting, so that’s why we’ve decided to bring you The 5 Strangest Weapons in Video Games!

5. Turtle Shell (Mario Series)
The turtle shell has been a useful weapon in the Mushroom kingdom since the 80s, and its longevity as a useful weapon in the series makes it almost seem out of place on the list just because we’ve become so accustomed to using it. The weapon first appeared in the original Mario Bros. before they had become Super as a way to send a projectile hurtling towards your opponent while you gather more coins. The weapon is most likely remembered and brought to its height in popularity by the Super Mario Kart series however, as any old school gamer can tell you the joy of having a red shell or in later games more powerful shells appearing in the roulette wheel of weapons. You’d think as fast as shells move in the Mushroom Kingdom that turtles would be able to get around faster in real life!

4. Rotten Egg (Resident Evil 5)
Resident Evil 5 was a game that took itself too serious at times with many instances of overdramatic standoffs and plenty of intense moments awkwardly placed between cheesy one liners, but the game was still a lot of fun. Your arsenal in the game was filled with plenty of firearms and dangerous weapons that would leave Majini running in the other direction if they were smart, but surprisingly, one of the most powerful weapons in the game was seemingly one of the most harmless. Sure a rotten egg would smell putrid, but hitting an enemy or accidentally consuming the expired animal product in Resident Evil 5 meant instant death. Now if only there was a way to unlock an infinite egg launcher by picking up a chicken!

3. Fart in a Jar (Saints Row: The Third)
Saints Row is a series well known for not taking itself seriously. Grand Theft Auto‘s little brother has done very well for itself and has clearly established itself as one of the best open world experiences around thanks to over the stop storylines, larger than life characters and plenty of bizarre weapons to fight off your enemies. In a game filled with dildo bats, octopus launchers and giant fists that obliterate anyone who is punched by the weapon, its the bizarre fart in a jar that stands out above all others. Who knew farts could be captured inside a jar and that their horrendous odor would be retained inside the device? We don’t know whose farts these are, but they should probably make an appointment with their doctor right away!

2. Tears (The Binding of Isaac)
The Binding of Isaac is a popular indie title from Edmund McMillen, creator of Super Meat Boy. The bizarre title pushes many boundaries most games never come close to touching, and the many bizarre pickups scattered throughout the game are a constant reminder of just how sick a mind McMillen has that is incorporated into many of his games. The Binding of Isaac stars a sad young boy who actually fires out his own tear projectiles at enemies to deal damage and defeat his foes. Of course, there are plenty of other strange weapons that compliment Isaac’s tears for great effect including your mom’s used sanitary pad, a dead dog’s head and don’t get me started on the toothpicks!

1. Mr. Toots (Red Faction: Armageddon)
Out of all the strange weapons in video games, none are more bizarre than Mr. Toots, the magical rainbow farting unicorn from Red Faction: Armageddon. While its not clear where Mr. Toots comes from, squeezing the little guy will send a wave of rainbow farts towards unsuspecting enemies who will soon be blasted away before they even knew what hit them. Not only is Mr. Toots one of the funniest weapons you’ll see in any game, but it’s actually one of the most powerful as well. Mr. Toots is reason alone to play through the entire campaign of Red Faction: Armageddon just to try the weapon out for yourself. That’s why Mr. Toots is the strangest weapon in video games!
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