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Lego City: Undercover (Video Game Review)

TT Games' has brought Lego City: Undercover to the Nintendo Wii U without all the big-name franchise titles behind it. This time around we will not see Batman, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings but instead are introduced to a new protagonist, Chase McCain. Lego City: Undercover takes all that you love from your favorite action movies and puts it into a Grand Theft Auto environment that is fun for the whole family!

Our character Chase is on a mission and this is one cop that won't be censored for his bizarre methods and conduct. McCain was track down his arch-enemy, rekindle an old romance and then take out the town's trash all before dinner. The gameplay may feel familiar with recognizable tropes from the Lego series which consists of studs to gather and fun side-tasks that can be completed for special gold bricks. Players will have a blast trying on loads of disguises to become someone different on each mission.

Lego City: Undercover combines platforming and puzzle-solving with all the fun combat that fans of the series have come accompanied to. The only difference is all of the driving your character will get to do in a Grand Theft Auto sort of way. There are hundreds of things to collect in Lego City and having a flashy set of wheels definitely helps the situation.

The best part of Lego City: Undercover is a vast, open-world environment that is larger than any you have ever seen in a Lego game. Players can explore beautiful neighborhoods, forests, and mountains that are packed with opportunities to find hidden treasures. The replay value here is extreme since you are urged to explore everywhere and everything!

Lego City: Undercover has intricate puzzles that are not too complex which can be enjoyed by all types of gamers. New super builds introduce players to a new type of currency --the brick. Players will need to gather bricks and super-bricks to build certain vehicle stations and facilities throughout the game. The game's controls have took complete advantage of the Wii U's control system and allows the game pad to be utilized to scan the environments and look over the map.The main problems with Lego City: Undercover is that it has omitted the co-op experience that the game series is known for. The Lego series is known for its fun, family entertainment and we seem to get deprived of that here. Another big problem is that the game seems to have very long and frequent loading times that slow down the pace of the game.

However, all-in-all, Lego City: Undercover has colorful graphics, an entertaining storyline and superb sound effects with a great new world to explore. The game's silly characters and jokes make it a fun title to be enjoyed by the whole family. If you haven't picked it up today then you should. You may find that Lego City: Undercover is the best Lego game to ever be released!

Lego City: Undercover is now available for the Nintendo Wii U for $49.99 and is on its way to Nintendo 3D. Lego City: Undercover is rated Everyone 10+ for cartoon violence and crude humor. 

Game Features
  • Seamless gameplay with Wii U Gamepad
  • Over 100 vehicles to collect
  • Variety of disguises

Game Information
Developer: TT Games
Publisher: Nintendo
Release Date: March 18, 2013
Available for: Nintendo Wii U (reviewed) and Nintendo 3DS

Score: 7 out of 10

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