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The Evil Within: The Consequence (Video Game Review)

The Evil Within was a great horror game despite its own mishaps, but the dev team tries to get things right with The Consequence, the second DLC. In this game we will play as Juli Kidman which is actually guided by some malevolent forces, against her own will. It’s nice to see that the intense and scary psycho horror concepts from the game can be seen in the DLC as well, however I do feel that the character does encounter the boss too many times, something that manages to make the gameplay less impressive as the main game.

The Evil Within: The Consequence also seems to focus on the stealth gameplay that has made the series worth watching, however in this DLC the stealth is indeed interrupted by other things that don’t really manage to do justice to the game. What I do like in The Evil Within: The Consequence is that the story does move forward and you keep the air tension. The enemies are nice, but aside from a few, yet notable ones, they are roughly the same as you would expect. This does not mean that they are bad, because that’s not the case, but I would personally have liked a lot more variety in this regard, that’s all.

The gameplay on its own is functional and relies a lot on the mechanics from the main game, but there are a few notable moments, especially those that relate to our main character’s past which is quite troubled unfortunately. 

The main baddie, named Ruvik, is quite abstract but his presence does matter in the story, however I do feel that he is exposed too much, and this does bring some issues with the experience, since I would have liked him to be more powerful and scary. Still, there are enough moments where he will bring that scare into effect, which is very cool!

Bullets are scarce in The Evil Within: The Consequence, so you have to manage them accordingly if you want to kill enemies the right way. You do have melee and other stuff that can be used as an alternate killing weapon, and the result is really nice too.

The combat is pretty much the same in The Evil Within: The Consequence when compared to the original game, but there are some nice moments too. Graphics-wise, there are no visible improvements that I can see, which is a bummer, but on the other side, the experience is frightening and the level design is still top notch, exactly how you would expect it to be at this high level!

Overall, I am impressed with The Evil Within: The Consequence, but I don’t find it a major improvement over the main game. As a DLC, it manages to serve its purpose, but it doesn’t really innovate, instead it tries to play things safe. The Evil Within: The Consequence is worth the asking price, so if you do want to extend the experience beyond the original game, The Consequence is a great purchase!

Score: 7 out of 10
Review for PS4
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