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Moonrise (Video Game Preview)

Undead Labs has announced the release of Moonrise for PC and Mac via Steam Early Access. Moonrise has been in closed beta since March and is a combination of a collectible card game and a head-to-head fighting game.

After starting Moonrise you will get the chance to customize your Warden with either a female or male version. There are a ton of customization options that allow you to change your character's facial features, skin color, hair, and clothing. Next, you are able to choose your creature called Solari from three options: the Snaptrap, Emberjaw, and Nemony. Your character has spent ten years at the Warden Academy and now you must participate in several tests before you graduate.

After creating your character, you must learn the basics, which includes summoning your Solari, mastering their skills and learning their weaknesses. Once you have learned some valuable facts about your Solari then you will be able to go head-to-head with opponents to test out your own impressive skills. After defeating an opponent, you and your Solari will receive XP alongside increases in health and other boosts.

Now that you have tested out your basic skills then you will head to the Lunari Trail to cure some Lunari of their corruption as part of an exciting new quest. In the menu, you are now able to purchase starter packs, bundles, solari, boosts and changes in appearance with gems--the in-game currency. Your adventure begins here and you are able to battle NPCs alongside your handpicked Solari who will level up and evolve along the way. As you progress, you will earn XP that goes toward your Solari's milestone progress. The more XP that your creature earns then the faster they will be able to evolve. As you defeat other creatures during your adventures then you will have the chance to add them to your Solari collection. The option to recruit a Solari is done by moving a key DOWN or UP depending on rather you want to add it to your group. Keys are limited and you must choose wisely on which Solari to add based on their abilities and skills.

Moonrise has very colorful visuals combined with fun animations to deliver an impressive presentation during gameplay. The intriguing soundtrack really sets the mood for the action-packed combat sequences and adds a extra layer of immersion to its exciting gameplay. Players can create their Solari teams and slowly evolve their creatures with various upgrades adding a high level of replayability to Moonrise.

All-in-all, Moonrise is shaping up to be an exciting real-time tactical creature battler with a ton of variety in gameplay to keep players coming back. If you would like to learn more about Moonrise, visit the official Steam page.

Key Features:
  • Moonrise will be available to PC and Mac players on Steam Early Access.
  • Moonrise is a real-time tactical creature battler that combines the depth of a collectible card game with the challenge of a head-to-head fighting game.
  • Players can experience a single-player campaign and competitive PvP while journeying across a beautifully realized world.
  • PvP offers ranked and unranked matches.
  • 125 unique Solari to recruit
  • Over 300 unique Solari skills allow for a variety of custom builds
  • Thousands of different items for players to find and equip
  • The 30-song game soundtrack including original music by award-winning composer Jesper Kyd is also available on Steam for $4.99

Two premium bundles will be offered at launch:

  • The Warden's Edition — $14.99
    Includes Moonrise Early Access, an exclusive Solari skin, and a bundle of premium in-game content offered at far less than the regular price.
  • Guildmaster's Edition — $19.99
    Includes Moonrise Early Access, two exclusive Solari skins, and a bundle with even more premium in-game content at less than the regular price.
About Moonrise
Moonrise is a real-time tactical creature battler set against a vividly realized world of exotic locations and untamed wilderness. Players adopt the roles of Wardens, elite guardians who must recruit and train a diverse array of wild, elemental creatures known as Solari.

Players quickly find themselves confronted by a daunting task—to heal those Solari corrupted by the Moonrise, a world-spanning catastrophe that changes the innocent creatures into their darker forms, the savage Lunari. Only Wardens who master the elemental affinities and build the most effective Solari teams can hope to prevail against the corruption that threatens their land. Moonrise is a multiplatform title currently available for PC and Mac through Steam Early Access and planned for later release on iOS and Android devices.
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