Advanced Life Simulation 'A New Life' Makes Its Way To The App Store

A New Life has made its way to the App Store with the ability to experience countless lives.

Life is made of *choices* -- and until now, we’ve all only had a single lifetime to play with. In A New Life -- an advanced life simulation driven by a custom algorithm -- you can experience countless lives anytime, anywhere.

Developed by Serbian developer Bigosaur, A New Life gives you the opportunity to be rich, poor, gay, straight, young, old, creative, analytical, shy or outgoing. Start off with a randomly-generated character with inherited, customizable traits -- including intelligence, beauty, health, and charisma. Choices will appear as you play the game -- defining how the rest of your character’s life plays out. Just as in the real world, unpredictable life events will happen from time to time -- presenting your character with new challenges and opportunities!

After death, you’ll receive karma points that can be used to modify/improve the stats of your next character. No playthrough is the same: Nature (stats) and nurture (your choices) ensure that each life remains unique. Get ready to live many lives in one -- and watch as your characters learn, love, and struggle through life.


  • Experience a realistic simulation with intuitive and accessible gameplay.
  • Customize your character to your heart’s content.
  • Fuel your imagination as you build a new life.
  • “Relive” past lives with biographies and in-game achievements.
  • Enjoy high-quality original artwork.
  • Choose between one of two possible outcomes in a variety of scenarios.
  • Deal with unexpected events (accidents, natural disasters, opportunities).
  • Share parts of your new life on social networks.
  • Live as many lives as you wish!

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