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Destiny 2 Review (Xbox One)

Activision and Bungie have released Destiny 2 for Xbox One and PS4.

Destiny 2 is the sequel to the 2014 release, Destiny. The first person shooter game allows players to participate online with gamers around the world in this detailed MMO. Outside of the main campaign, you are able to play various game modes like strikes and raids; alongside PvE and PvP activities.

When you boot up Destiny 2, you have the option to customize your Guardian and level up by accumulating experience points. The game contains three classes which are Hunters, Warlocks and Titans. Every class in the game comes with its own unique abilities, upgrades and sub-classes. Destiny 2 allows for individual customization of your character which includes species, gender, skin color and many other cosmetic details.

Gamers can play various quests, strikes, raids and in-game events to reach the level cap of 20. After you reach this level, you can then focus on gaining better weapons and equipment to increase your Light level. The higher these levels are then the more damage you can do. The various weapons are divided into three categories - Kinetic, Power and Energy. As you obtain new weapons, they will go into the slots for their category.

The plot for Destiny 2 takes place one year after the SIVA Crisis where the Red Legion has destroyed part of the Tower. However, while responding to the attack, the Traveler is drained of Light, leaving the Guardians without their powers. After the massive attack, your Guardian and Ghost escape the city and take refuge on The Farm in the European Dead Zone with the assistance of Suraya Hawthorne. Following a vision, your Guardian finds a shard of the Traveler in the forest, which helps restore the Light of the Ghost and then in turn of the Guardian. It is then your job to complete a series of missions to restore communications, save the world, and stop Ghaul.

Destiny 2 manages to capture the essence of the original game while slightly improving the overall experience for diehard fans. The game's exquisite maps include beautiful new places to explore that include Earth's European Dead Zone, Saturn's moon Titan, Nessus, and Jupiter's moon lo. Players are also able to explore a new social space on Earth called The Farm. Destiny 2 has a ton of side quests which gives the game a great deal of replayability.

PvE and PvP are still a main aspect in Destiny with the new release and the maps are twice as large as they were in the original game. A new added feature allows players to travel to new destinations without having to go to orbit every time which saves time and gives players more time in-game. A new activity called Flashpoints has also been added with rotating events each week on the various planets. These activities allow gamers to gain access to high level rewards and helps to keep players continuously engaged in the game.

The Crucible in Destiny 2  is where gamers can go for some immersive player versus player combat. The four-versus-four model now allows for a better competitive multiplayer than ever before. The game's HUD has also been enhanced and now allows gamers to see when their enemy has their super or heavy ammo. Some of the game modes available to players is Clash, Control, Supremacy, Countdown, Search and Destroy, Survival and Trials of the Nine.

In the end, Destiny 2  is a beautifully designed experience that gives players the ability to explore their inner hero. The visuals, animations and voice acting are off the charts this time around. The game's soundtrack keeps you fully immersed in the game's detailed story alongside responsive controls and engaging combat. Destiny 2  gives players the ability to conquer their fear of darkness through the power of Light. By taking away the power of the Guardian, gamers ultimately have to know the darkness before they can appreciate the Light. Destiny 2  is a immaculately designed world that engages players with mechanics that are rewarding and encouraging throughout the entire game. To learn more, visit the official Destiny 2  website.

Score: 9.5 out of 10
Reviewed for Xbox One

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