Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek Review (PC)

Dynamic Pixels and Tinybuild have released Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek. Read on.

The latest release in the series, Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek, is the epic prequel to the previously released stealth horror game. The game allows players to find out what took place before the events of the first game.

In Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek you take on the role of the Neighbor's daughter, Mya. As with any sibling, your best friend happens to be your brother Aaron, and you set out on an adventurous game of Hide and Seek with him.

Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek contains beautifully vibrant graphics and an immersive soundtrack as you make your way across five fantasy worlds where you can become anything you imagine! The innovative gameplay and responsive controls manage to keep you entertained for hours on end in this narrative-driven story.

In the game, you get to see the tragic background of the Neighbor, as he loses his wife and his family deteriorates. In the first game, you had these creepy overtones as you snuck around his house after kids in the neighborhood start to go missing and trying to find out what is going on in the basement. In the prequel, you get an idea of the Neighbor's tragic background, but the deeper story is never really revealed.

In the game, you play as his children, and must solve puzzles and collect all of the toys in order to proceed. However, we really never get all of your questions answered as to what exactly is really going on with the Neighbor and how it all relates in the end.

All-in-all, diehard fans of Hello Neighbor will enjoy Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek, even if all of their deeper questions are never answered. The game contains some fun and challenging puzzles and trying to delve deeper into the mind of the Neighbor allows you to get somewhat of an understanding of his later motives. If you are looking for an eccentric adventure game then look no further with Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek!


  • Five fantasy worlds, where you become a hunter in the wilderness, a fire-fighter, and more!
  • Advanced self-learning AI
  • Interactive environments
  • Narrative-driven gameplay

Score: 8.5 out of 10
Reviewed for PC

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