Stand Up Live with Impractical Jokers Star James Murray: White Woman Escorted Out By Security For Looking Like A "Karen"


Stand Up Live! Huntsville is serving up more than just comedy, but apparently racism and discrimination. 

The incident took place during a comedy show this past Sunday, October 10th, with Impractical Jokers star, James Murray. 

A disabled member of the Echota Cherokee tribe was discriminated against and harassed by Stand Up Live!'s staff and guest, James Murray. 

Before this event occurred, the individual we will call "M & M" had participated briefly during the stand-up comic's LIVE "Q & A Drinking Game." Where he (Murr) admitted to being drunk during the game. 

The rule of the game was that James "MURR" would take a drink if he was too embarrassed to answer a question asked by an audience member. Audience members went on to personally embarrass the star on stage, something that he is known for on his hit comedy show. 

Someone on stage handed the mic down to M& M's table since they couldn't reach it. "It took forever for them to call on me, even though I was right in front of Murr, and wasn't a ton of hands up. I didn't hear the objective of the game at first, and he was very rude to me for even trying to ask. He was trying to skip over me before I even had a chance to speak after his team gave me the mic."

A huge fan of the joker, and to go along with the live bit on stage, M&M went on to ask "What did you pay for those rubber boots that look like something Ronald Mcdonald wore?"

That was it. All M&M asked was the price of his shoes. 

Fans of the comedian know he takes great pride in his appearance. There have been episodes on Impractical Jokers dedicated to Murr's eyebrows and his choice of unique attire, like his wooden bowties. 

"I just didn't know what I did wrong. I cried all of the way home," M&M told BGG Entertainment. 

Murr and his team, alongside the staff of Stand Up Live!, went on to accost M&M while saying mean things about them on stage. "Most of the audience just thought this was part of the bit," said one ticket purchaser close to the happenings. "I mean this is what Murr does."

The comedian's team then went on to tell the audience, "M&M looks like someone that says the NWORD."  M&M replied, "I guess I say a lot of words that start with N to him all of the time. Pointing to the person in attendance with them. There are a lot of them in the dictionary. I just asked about the price of shoes though." 

Audience members went on to boo, and some may have even taken the comedian's word as FACT, because they then proceeded to treat M&M like they were a racist.

"Some people spat at me when trying to leave and get to my car. SPAT at me!" M&M told us. 

M&M was harassed and discriminated against and called "someone that looks like say N-word." And escorted out by security. Where then was shoved and verbally assaulted. 

"I couldn't even finish my food. They came over with security and my check. And stood over me in an intimidating fashion, while I signed the receipt. Forcing me out before the end of the show," M&M told us.

"He was more offended (referring to Murr) by a question about how much shoes cost than if he took it up the rear since been married," one event attendee said. 

M&M has spent a lot of time bed-ridden due to a stroke and other health problems. M&M was given the tickets as a gift and went there to celebrate the life of their grandmother, who had passed a previous October.

"I was excited. I had not been out of bed much over the past few years. Most days I am too sick. I also battle with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and PTSD. It is really hard to get out," M&M told us.

"My grandmother passed around this time a few years ago. She was a proud Cherokee Indian that loved comedy! It only seemed fitting to attend the show in her honor." 

M&M is a member of the Echota Cherokee Tribe.

While here at BGG Entertainment, we don't know exactly know what "a person that looks like says the nword looks like", one attendee had a suggestion. 

 "They jerked the mic out of M&M's hand, escorted them out, and for what? Because of how M&M looked and asked the price of this rich white guy's shoes? If the person would have worn a confederate flag might have understood the comment. To judge someone in such a particular way then broadcast it to room of strangers. I can only imagine the emotional damage that would do to a person. It needs to stop." 

"I just wanted to have a nice Sunday out. Not thinking about pain or sickness. I wanted to have a fun day. And it spiraled out of control. I left afraid and hurt," M&M said. M&M has asked to remain anonymous due to the harassment experienced. "If a high-level celebrity and his team can turn a room against me and make me appear a racist just for asking a question he didn't want to answer. I am too scared for people to know my identity. Are we using racism now just to deflect from things we don't want to deal with? We need to stop putting people in boxes!" 

At BGG Entertainment, from what we can tell from some of the event attendees, 

The N-WORD (a word that starts with N) that we all need to be saying is NICE. 

Because it can mean two things, either you like something. Which it seemed those who saw the event for what it really was would not say. 

Let's try that instead of putting people in boxes and learn the true dangers of just throwing the race card around, especially in social situations.  People get hurt on all sides with "punch down" comedy. When we make fun of one group at the expense of another. NICE also means someone who treats others with respect and kindness. And that is what we ALL should focus on despite our differences. 

UPDATE:  BGG Entertainment has recently discovered anyone mentioning these events on the official STAND UP Live! Facebook page, that their comments are being deleted. Is it fair to not censor the guests you pay but censor the audience members that pay to attend?

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