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"Wrath of the Elder Gods" Makes Its Way to Pinball FX

Epic Games and Zen Studios announce Pinball FX, now free to download. Read on. 

From the mind of Gary Vadócz, pinball designer at Zen Studios, comes an original digital table that challenges the truth behind your existence and dares you to escape with your sanity. "Wrath of the Elder Gods" releases today for Pinball FX in early access on the Epic Games Store for 55 in-game tickets, free to download for Pinball Pass subscribers.

“Wrath of the Elder Gods” Table Trailer:

Table Goals:

  • Acquire Madness by completing main modes, revealing the ultimate truth
  • Collect ancient Runes for random yet bizarre rewards
  • Shoot the Strange Structure and watch the horror unfold as it bleeds into the table
  • Feed the unspeakable monster in MAW Multiball
  • Watch the Herald corrupt the ball after a successful shot
  • Can you survive long enough to reveal the table’s shocking twist?

Pinball FX is free to download in early access for PC on the Epic Games Store. Keep up with the latest updates, weekly challenges and grand tournaments by visiting www.PinballFX.com

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