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5 Excessively Erotic Video Game Characters

Hideo Kojima is one of video game industry's most celebrated and accomplished developers ever, but the Metal Gear and Zone of Enders creator has recently been a target of much scrutiny after character images of the sniper assassin, Quiet, surfaced from his upcoming release, Metal Gear Solid V. The character wears little more than boots, ripped stockings, thong and a bikini top that is two sizes too small to hide her massive mounds. Despite the character model obviously being needlessly sexual, Quiet isn't the first video game to feature the same type of sexual exploitation. Here are 5 Excessively Erotic Video Game Characters of all-time.

5) Mileena (Mortal Kombat 9)
Many of the ladies featured in the Mortal Kombat series have gotten sexier over the years with the advancement of graphics and technology, and while all three of the ninja ladies featured in the newest Mortal Kombat all wear tight, revealing outfits, Mileena is the only character with an alternate outfit that is made of loosely fitting bandages. Mileena is the daughter of two unattractive monsters and is only flaunting her best assets to distract others from her toothy face, or she may have placed higher on this list.

4) Cortana (Halo 4)
Cortana is the artificial intelligence companion for the Master Chief, and as such, there is really no logical reason for her to take on the form of a curvy, naked, blue woman or any human form for that matter. In Halo 4, Cortana is easily the sexiest the character has ever been featured in the entire series. Cortana's curves serve little purpose beyond eye candy for Master Chief and Xbox 360 shooter fans, but at least she has managed to surpass Smurfette as the most fantasized blue babe around.

3) Amazon (Dragon's Crown)
One game we've talked a lot about over the last few months is the new downloadable title, Dragon's Crown. The action RPG allows players to battle through a fantasy world with a choice of six playable characters. The game exaggerates many of the "features" of its characters, but the Amazon makes sure to show off all of her muscles including her powerful legs with the tiniest outfit in the game. The Sorceress in the game has a revealing outfit as well, but she opts to show off the "power" of her upper body instead. Dragon's Crown easily has one of the most unique collection of character models to be sure, but the Amazon is easily the most recognizable of the bunch.

2) Ivy (Soul Calibur V)
Fighting games have become one of the most over the top genres in the video games industry with its portrayal of female video game characters with titles that includes the Mortal Kombat, Dead or Alive and other series, but few games have a character that exudes so much sexuality as Ivy from the Soul Calibur series. Ivy set and has been raising the bar of how much skin can be shown in fighting games for some time now, and it seems no coincidence that the character typically does a lot of fighting with her trademark whip. Despite originating in a genre known for its sexy characters, Ivy manages to be one of the most noteworthy babes with the exception of only one or two fighters.

1) Felicia (Darkstalkers Resurrection)
It's one thing for a character to dress in revealing and physically incomprehensible clothing, but Felicia is a character that manages to go beyond that. Felicia is part cat, or at least believes she is, and it's not uncommon to see this sexy character stretch her leg over her head to reach an itch or lick herself after a successful battle. A quick Google search of the character returns images that are nearly all NSFW, and she manages to overshadow fellow fighter, Morrigan, and her massive cleavage that looks Sunday church-ready compared to the tiny threads Felicia wears. Why is Felicia so naked? Nobody knows, but she definitely makes for some of the most interesting cosplay ideas in video games!

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