BioGamer Girl Offers Up Comic Book Divas' Cosplay Cover

BioGamer Girl is proud to announce that founder Amanda Dyar will be gracing Comic Book Divas' Goldilocks in Zombieland Cosplay Cover. The proceeds of all sales of the cover will go to charity. You can get your hands on a signed print at any of the events that BioGamer Girl is in attendance. Read on for more details.

From the Comic Book Divas Website
In 2011 Comic Book Divas opened a “Goldilocks In Zombie Land” Cosplay Contest, the winner would have their GOLDILOCKS IN ZOMBIE LAND 1 AMANDA DYAR COSPLAY COVER picture on the cover of the comic book with the proceeds of the sale going towards charity. Comic Book Divas is proud to announce the winner as being Amanda Dyar owner of Bio Gamer Girl Magazine.

Amanda Dyar entered the contest and submitted cosplay photos of herself portraying “Bo Peep”; Bo Peep is featured in “Goldilocks In Zombie Land” who uses her staff as a scythe to remove the heads of zombie-fied storybook characters!

To learn more visit the Comic Book Divas website:

You can purchase the cosplay cover here!
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