Save 15% With UnoDNS Coupons Now Available for BioGamer Girl Readers

Last week we introduced you to UnoDNS (read our review here) which is a DNS-based system that allows customers to watch their favorite TV channels wherever they are, with any device they have, without restrictions. With few words, it's an online TV service that bypass geographic limitation. Unotelly works with all the devices. PC, Mac, iphone, ipad and ofcourse PS3, XBOX360, Wii. This week we are offering up 20 coupon codes so you can try the service out and see what you think.

At checkout, just enter the discount code "biogamergirl" to receive a 15% discount for all Unotelly Gold program subscriptions (30 day, 90 day , 180 day , 365 day). These coupons expire on October 23, 2012. These are first come--first serve! So sign-up today to get this great discount while it lasts!
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