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Worms Revolution (Video Game Review)

British game developers Team17 Software has been releasing titles to their highly popular Worms franchise since 1995, and the newest entry to the franchise has now arrived in the form of Worms Revolution. The new title is one of the most bold and innovative titles the series has ever seen, and the turn-based action is now more fun than ever before. With plenty of customization options, a great variety of game modes, plenty of powerful weapons, four new worm classes and plenty of other great new features, Worms Revolution is the biggest and baddest can of Worms Team 17 Software has ever opened.

The object of Worms Revolution is simple. You create and customize your team of worms that will do battle against one or more opposing teams. You'll have a variety of weapons making up the game's massive arsenal that will damage your opponents and, in many instances, send them flying off in a random direction as a result. The new game places your worms in a 3D environment, but it retains classic 2D gameplay. This makes the game's maps more dynamic than ever with busy backgrounds and destructible environments, and you'll even notice items heading into the foreground from time to time. Some of the biggest changes this time around include the ability to levitate objects only to drop them on your foes and crushing their worms, using pockets of water located around stages to flood your enemies and wash them away or give progressive drowning damage, or detonating explosive objects to put a real hurting on enemy worms.

With the introduction of the four new classes to Worms Revolution, you'll quickly find the game to be the most strategic release in the entire Worms series. Soldiers present the most well rounded statistics of the four worms classes and make a good choice for any tactic. Scouts are faster than other worms and can jump higher making them easily the most maneuverable worm in the game, but they suffer from the weakest attacks in the game. Scientists are easily the most intriguing of the four with the ability to access better weapons quicker while offering additional hit points to its teammates during its turns. Finally, the Heavy is a mirror opposite of the Scout and allows you to deal the most devastating attacks in the game but move the slowest of any of the four. Each of the classes have their own strengths and weaknesses, but you can experiment to find the perfect team of worms for your playstyle, and then, head into Worms Revolution's impressive customization menus to make your worms truly your own with a variety of clothes and accessories for each of your team members.

Worms Revolution packs a lot of content including 32 single player missions and 20 single player puzzles to get you started. The game also features plenty of multiplayer modes including Classic Mode, Deathmatch and Forts. Each offer up something different and provides players with plenty of entertainment and new challenges, and the best part is that you'll be able to set up matches that fit your ideal preferences with plenty of options to choose from how often weapons appear and which weapons you begin matches with to the starting health for worms and how long each of their turns will last. Worms Revolution is a great looking title and even adds damage that actually shows up on your worms over the duration of combat. Rounding out an amazing presentation is match introductions from The Mighty Boosh's Matt Berry who always has something funny or witty to say.

Worms Revolution is easily the best worms game ever released, and that's saying a lot. The series is well known and loved around the world and for good reason, and Worms Revolution is the crowning achievement for Team17 Software. The game packs great gameplay and plenty of content, and then plenty of new features are added just to sweeten the pot. If you've ever enjoyed a Worms title, head online right now and pick up the game, and if you've never played a Worms game before, there's never been a better time to purchase the newest release and try it out. There is no other game series like Worms and yet it couldn't have survived nearly 10 years without plenty of great releases along the way. Purchase Worms Revolution today to experience one of the best downloadable titles of the year, and clear your calendar for the next few months as you attempt to see all the game has to offer.

Worms Revolution is now available for Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC and can be purchased for 1200 Microsoft Points or $14.99 respectively. Worms Revolution is rated E by the ESRB for Cartoon Violence, Comic Mischief & Mild Language. For more information on Worms Revolution, check out the official Team17 website.

Game Features:
  • Players 1-4
  • 4 Worm Classes
  • Online Leaderboards
  • DLC Support
  • Achievement/Trophy Support

  • Game Information:
    Developer and Publisher: Team17 Software
    Platforms: Xbox LIVE Arcade (reviewed), PlayStation Network & PC
    Release Date: October 10, 2012

    Score: 8.5 out of 10
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