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Everybody Loves Tank Girl (Book Review)

Fans of Tank Girl can now be officially excited that a new collection of Tank Girl comics is now available. The Tank Girl comics feature a psycho girl who had really large guns and really small clothes. She has managed to make her way from a single-page comic to her coming into her own with the 1995 movie.

The strips have developed into collections which progressed the comic's plot and led to some actual adventures with our maniac heroine. The original strips were bloody and full of explosive fun and Everybody Loves Tank Girl returns us to those roots. The new collections gives fans what they loved from the early days of the series with quick stories that last only a few pages. The series really shines when it is presented as an anthology and that is what we get with Everybody Loves Tank Girl. Each story in the collection really showcases the personality of Tank Girl with such gut-busting humor as her adventures in babysitting to dropping acid before an assault.

Alan Martin has really brought something special to the series in Everybody Loves Tank Girl with such unique humor and artistic detail that you can't help to love it. There is a touch of crudeness to the new collection that may turn some readers away, but fans of the series will really see Tank Girl's foul-mouthiness as her true personality shining through. The colored sketches quickly turned to gritty-style art with a touch of black-and-white class. The transitions in color really keep the comic sexy and interesting. In between all the chaotic fun, we also get delightful joke commercials, poems and song lyrics. All of the bizarre shifts in tone really add to the overall package--making Everybody Loves Tank Girl one of the best collections to date!

Everybody Loves Tank Girl has managed to keep the series fun and amazing. Alan Martin's writing meshes will with Jim Mahfood's intrinsic art. If you really loved the early days of Tank Girl then you will want to pick up Everybody Loves Tank Girl which gives us a look into those earlier days of greatness. Make sure to go out today and get your copy! Everybody Loves Tank Girl is now available from Titan Books and other major retailers.

Overall: Must Buy
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