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Under the Sea Now Available For PC, Android and Apple Devices

Players can now pick up Under the Sea for their PC, Android and Apple devices. The 3D Puzzler will have you journeying through undersea adventures like never before. Try out the demo today! Will you solve this puzzle?. Duermes y me Olvidas today announced that it's last game, Under the Sea, is now available worldwide for PC, Android and Apple devices. Under the Sea is a 3D Puzzle-adventure game. In this game, the player is a flying fish and travels through a tropical island searching for his love. The game is available on AppStore (Apple devices), Google Play (Android) and on Duermes y me Olvidas website (PC) for 5€ (6.65 USD$). A demo with the first 3 levels can be downloaded from Duermes y me Olvidas for PC.

Under the sea is the second game from Duermes y me Olvidas, S.L. This game is a 3D puzzle-adventure experience. Each level is a new puzzle and the player must explore and find the solution. You will travel through a beach, an underwater cove, a coral reef, an hotel pool, a volcano and the open sea. The main character will help other sea fauna and hide from the evil coral reef shark.

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