Spelunky Offers New Daily Challenges Beginning in August to Coincide with PC Launch

Spelunky will be offering up fresh daily content beginning on August 8, 2013 to coincide with the release of HD release of the game for PC. Daily Challenges will offer a whole new way for players to continue spelunking, saving those derpy damsels and trying to unlock all of the hidden secrets contained within the mysterious shifting caves.

The Daily Challenges will offer up a brand new stage that all players will be able to access only once daily. Once you've died in the Daily Challenge, your time and score will be uploaded to a brand new leaderboard where you can truly gauge your Spelunky prowess. The new mode will be exclusive to the PC version of Spelunky for the time being, but hopefully, Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network owners will soon get the same treatment for the hit indie title.

Developer Mossmouth also noted players can get an early look at the new Spelunky Daily Challenges mode by checking out live streams for the game mode beginning on July 28, 2013 from indie developers Douglas Wilson and Zach Gage as well as famous Internet Let's Players Northerlion, MANvsGAME, Foxman, BaerTaffy and RedPandaGamer. For more information on the new content and upcoming PC release, check out the official Spelunky website.

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