Sixense Launching Kickstarter for the STEM System on September 12

Sixense has announced the launch of their official Kickstarter for the new motion tracking platform the STEM system which is set to start on September 12.

From the Press Release
Sixense, a pioneer in motion tracking hardware and software, announced today that it will launch the Kickstarter project for its new wireless motion tracking platform, the STEM System, on September 12, 2013 at 7:00 AM PDT. The STEM System will provide the most natural and intuitive interface possible for gaming, virtual reality (VR), and other applications by precisely capturing the user's every move, both at the desktop and throughout the living room.

The STEM System platform is an evolutionary step in Sixense motion tracking technology, which has previously powered the Razer Hydra PC gaming controller, the input device of choice for developers of VR applications. Advancements for the STEM System platform include much longer range, a wireless, modular form factor, and better tracking performance at all ranges. The STEM System platform will support up to five wireless motion tracking modules, or STEMs, for full position and orientation tracking of the entire body or other configurations.

In order to facilitate a robust developer community, the STEM System is designed as an open platform for creators of both software and hardware products. Developers will be free to create content with virtually no restrictions, and to embed STEMs for tracking of their own peripheral or wearable devices, such as swords or head-mounted displays. The second-generation Sixense SDK for the STEM System platform takes advantage of the new platform's capabilities, and provides backwards compatibility with products and games powered by earlier generations of Sixense motion tracking technology, including the Razer Hydra.

"The STEM System is our first Sixense-branded hardware, and it embodies our vision of the ideal user interface for virtual worlds and digital media," said Amir Rubin, co-founder of Sixense. "The funding and feedback we receive from the Kickstarter project will forge an essential partnership between Sixense and a community that has embraced emerging technologies in gaming and VR. By delivering STEM System developer kits to Kickstarter backers first, we will be able to make a much better consumer product than we could on our own."

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