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Sky Break (Video Game Review)

Survival and exploration games have the ability to offer up some interesting gameplay alongside the ability to explore new areas. Sky Break encompasses all of the aspects of a deeply intriguing exploration title with tons of great areas to uncover. Unlike other survival themed games, Sky Break is a title that actually gives you some goals and that alone in its entirety makes the entire gameplay a lot more immersive and fun. Ready to jump into this new adventure? Read on.

Since the game is still in its early stages then there’s a lot of content missing which will come in the next set of patches, however, there is currently quite a lot of goals in Sky Break. The main component of the game is that you need to save the planet that you are currently exploring. The game map is enormous and quite varied with several nicely designed ecosystems that offer up some really neat and exciting results as a whole.

One of the cool aspects of Sky Break is definitely crafting, because you can acquire resources from the game world and then use them in order to create the items you want. It can be a home, weapon or a drone, it all comes down to you, the possibilities are endless. The crafting system is very limited right now, but gamers can expect it to grow as time passes.

While each island has a specific number of guidelines and locations that you can visit, all of them, are designed in order to offer an amazing abundance of replay value and that’s what matters the most. Of course, there are well designed enemies and we found the spawning robots to be more fun than actual danger, however danger can indeed lurk around every corner and that’s what matters a lot in this regard.

Sky Break has you continuously thinking about your next move and there are many times when you will have to engage multiple enemies in battle, so crafting is indeed essential. Sky Break has some solid graphics and animations but there was some issues of technical hiccups and stuttering throughout gameplay. Other than that, the game’s premise is really nice and being all alone in a world filled with robots does have a scary element to it.

In the end, Sky Break is a fun game and has a lot of promise to it in regards to inventive gameplay and replay value. If you are looking for a solid space themed game with a lot of stuff going on and quite a lot of interesting game mechanics, then this is surely a solid purchase. If you love the idea of being stranded on planets and exploring them, then downloading Sky Break is a no-brainer.To learn more, visit the official Sky Break website.

Score: 7 out of 10
Reviewed for PC
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