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Drop Dead Makes Its Way To Oculus Rift for $19.99

Pixel Toys has released Drop Dead on the Oculus Rift for $19.99.

Independent video game developer and publisher Pixel Toys has released the virtual reality arcade zombie shooter Drop Dead on Oculus Rift. The game is available today through the Oculus Store for $19.99.

Featuring full support for the responsive controls of Oculus Touch, Drop Dead’s 40 single-player story missions throw players into a time-traveling adventure that blends fast, immersive action with the campy thrills and humor of sci-fi horror classics. An explosive arsenal of weapons and high-tech gadgets gives quick-trigger gunslingers the power to blast off the limbs of the undead for strategic dismemberment while racking up huge combos with each bullseye. Drop Dead on Oculus Rift also features a cooperative horde mode and score attack competitive multiplayer for up to four players online with full support for their own customized Oculus Avatars.

In addition, Drop Dead is receiving a free update on Gear VR Powered by Oculus today that contains new original content released with the Oculus Rift edition of the game, including new story missions, gameplay, boss encounters and weapons.
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