Desolate Review (PC)

HypeTrain Digital and Nearga Games have released Desolate for PC.

Desolate is a first-person game geared around survival elements taking place in an alternate history version of the Soviet Union. The game takes places two years prior to Granichny Island becoming the center of a large and mysterious natural disaster. An organization that calls themselves "The New Light” has somehow managed to cover up the event and try to fix as much as they can.

Now Volunteers who have never seen war have joined the campaign to research the current paranormal occurrences in Granichny while trying to make amends for their own past mistakes. Gamers step into the shoes of a Volunteer were they are tasked with investigating various anomalies including monsters, madmen and strange weather patterns.

Desolate is a beautifully drawn world full of several environments to explore including desolate settlements, military bases and even secret facilities to uncover. It is up to you to piece together the puzzles of the island by gathering items from the settlers who previously inhabited it through notes, diaries and more.

In order to take on the threats around you, you must research the creatures that are around the island of Granichny in order to do critical damage and gain an advantage during hardcore battles. Your chances are better if you join a 4-player team in order to reap the various abilities available like reviving other teammates. It is important to take care of your physical and mental condition throughout gameplay, because if it deteriorates, the way you seen the world around you will change. As you progress, you will be able to unlock fun new skills which will help you better survive the dangerous world around you. You will be able to craft and modify equipment, gather recipes, and even customize your armor adding a ton of replayability to Desolate.

In the end, Desolate is a fun game to play online with friends. There is a ton of replayability and exploring the dark world around you adds an exciting level of immersion. To learn more, visit the official Desolate Steam page.

Score: 8 out of 10
Reviewed for PC

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