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The Adventure Pals Review (PC)

Armor Games has released The Adventure Pals for Xbox One, PC, Mac and Switch.

Armor Games Studios & Massive Monsters new game, The Adventure Pals, takes gamers on an adventure full of madness with its fun side-scrolling and platformer elements. Officially launched on April 3rd, the title is primarily focused around friendship and exploration.

The Adventure Pals has a sense of child-like wonder with its beautiful graphics and platforming fun. The game also manages to incorporate very intriguing RPG elements alongside two-player local drop-in/drop-out co-op modes.

Players will explore over 105 levels on the back of their giraffe, Sparkles. There are five colorful worlds to explore that all have their very own unique quests and characters. There is a ton of variety in the game as you face off against undead pirate cats, post-apocalyptic dinosaurs and even zany hot dogs that actually poop out explosive mines. Let the hilarity ensue!

Adventure Pals is an adventure game that revolves around a small boy and all the mischievous fun he gets into with his giraffe and pet rock. You explore the boy's childhood while attempting to save his papa from actually being turned into a hot dog. The storyline is insane and a blast to play! Everything in the game, including the bosses, are as ridiculous as you can possibly get and that is what makes the game so great. You will go on quests that involve helping a whale regain its confidence, taking sides in a battle between an actual piece of toast and a dinosaur, explore a sunken city, and even decide the outcome of a pirate election. As you progress through the game you will level up to gain new and powerful abilities that make combat even more immersive!

In the end, Adventure Pals is an extremely fun and mesmerizing game that manages to capture the beauty of a child's imagination. The game is beautiful to look out and the soundtrack is off the charts alongside tight and responsive controls. If you have been looking for an entertaining game to play with friends, then look no further with Adventure Pals.

Score: 9 out of 10
Reviewed for PC

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