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Oddmar Review (iOS)

Senri & MobGe’s has released their side-scrolling adventure platformer, Oddmar.

Oddmar  launched on April 19 on the App Store for $4.99. Oddmar is a game focused around the basis of exploration and self-confidence. The game has 24 beautifully crafted levels full of exciting physics-based puzzles and challenging platforming adventures.

Oddmar  has a story based on Norse mythology which is told through illustrated motion comics making the game very unique and fun. You step into the role of a Viking who has received special powers granted from a magical mushroom. You will use your powers to make your way across fairy forests, snow capped mountains, and even dangerous mines in order to take your place in Valhalla’s great hall of heroes.

Oddmar  allows you to come across exciting characters that you can befriend while you arm yourself with weapons and shields powered by magic that help you take on the horrifying monsters and bosses that stand in your way throughout your adventure.

In the end, Oddmar  is a beautifully drawn adventure full of fun and exciting combat. If you have been looking for an engaging game to play on mobile devices, look no further than Oddmar.

Score: 8 out of 10
Reviewed for iOS

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