Review & Giveaway: Custom TOAST Leather Mousepad with KALIBER GAMING’s Korona Kore Compact RGB Keyboard & Mouse Combo

BioGamer Girl has teamed up with TOAST and KALIBER GAMING to offer our readers a very special giveaway! Read on.

Toast has a new line of beautiful customizable leather mouse pads to upgrade your desk and home life. BioGamer Girl is giving away a beautiful handmade leather mousepad with the BioGamer Girl logo from TOAST. Included in the giveaway is the Korona Kore Compact RGB Keyboard & Mouse Combo to give you everything you need to play your favorite PC games this summer! For a chance to win, email with the subject line "TOAST/KALIBER Giveaway."

About TOAST Leather Mouse Pads

Make a major upgrade to your desk essentials with Toast's gorgeous, genuine leather mouse pads. Strokable, smooth, and saturated with rich color, these leather beauties are incredibly satisfying to use! Each one is precisely laser-cut, finished, and edge-painted by hand. Toast guarantees, once you try one, you'll wonder where these have been all your life. Toast's design elevates the classic round-cornered shape with elegantly curved edge contours that give you a little extra room to scroll. The natural suede on the reverse side naturally provides just the right amount of tooth to keep your mouse pad in place without slipping. Durable and water-resistant, they will last beautifully through years of use and look even better with time. Best of all, Toast mouse pads are fully customizable with your logo, text, or custom artwork. You'll see your mouse pad hundreds of times per day, so it's a perfect place to post your mantra, motivate yourself with a favorite quote, or display your brand with pride.

Sizes Available:

  • Medium measures 7.25 x 9.25 inches.
  • Large measures 9 x 11 inches.

Our Thoughts: The new Toast genuine leather mousepads are not only beautiful to look at but provide a smooth surface to move your mouse around with ease. The handmade mousepad is fully customizable with your logo, text or artwork. You can design the mousepad to fit your tastes and needs at a very affordable price. The leather mousepads are durable and water resistant which means you can have your beautiful mousepad for years and years. The curved edges on the Toast leather mousepads also gives you a little extra room to scroll, seamlessly and smoothly. In the end, the Toast leather mousepad is beautifully designed and works great with your favorite mouse. If you are looking for an affordable, customizable mousepad, then look no further than TOAST!

About IOGEAR's Kaliber Gaming KORONA KORE Compact RGB Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Kaliber Gaming's KORONA KORE Compact Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo combines the features gamers want most, with a space-saving design ideal for smaller desks and on-the-go gamers. KORONA KORE's 87-key keyboard fits easily into a backpack making it a perfect accessory for gaming laptops, and the included gaming mouse features a 5000dpi gaming-grade sensor ensuring peak performance with all the top games. KORONA KORE also adds RGB illumination, programmable mouse functions and a host of other gaming-specific features, all designed to give you a competitive edge at a competitive price.

  • 87-Key, Tenkeyless Keyboard - The included KORE Compact Gaming Keyboard's 87-key, tenkeyless design does away with the number pad, making it an excellent fit for compact spaces like dorm rooms and provides the added benefit of bringing your mouse and keyboard hands closer together in a more natural, comfortable position for gaming. While compact in size, KORE is big on features including zone RGB illumination, double-injected plunger keys, 26 anti-ghosting keys and more. 
  • RGB Multi-Zone LED Backlight - The KORE Compact Gaming Keyboard adds a vibrant display of color with 19 different lighting patterns you can change without the need for special software. 
  • Plunger Key Design - The KORE Compact Gaming Keyboard features an innovative key structure using low-friction POM plungers that do away with the mushiness typical to membrane designs. The result is a super-smooth, positive keystroke engagement, more in line with the feel of a mechanical keyboard. 
  • Double Injected Keycaps - KORE features double injected keycap characters which will last the life of the keyboard, without ever wearing off. The dual injection process means that each key character is first three-dimensionally molded into the key, not printed on the keycap. The second injection molds the main outside color material around the character to create a keycap that never wears out.  
  • Loaded with Premium Gaming Features - When it comes to gaming features, the KORE is one packed compact keyboard! The KORE Compact Gaming Keyboard is fully loaded with features to help improve your gaming experience. Aside from the 26 anti-ghosting keys, KORE features a Windows key lock function to prevent accidentally entering menus while gaming, and an All-Key Lock that prevents unwanted keystrokes when you have to make a run to the fridge, and even has swappable W-A-S-D/arrow key functions for left-handed or MMO gamers. 
  • 5000 DPI RGB Gaming Mouse - Surrounded in beautiful RGB illumination, the KORONA RGB Gaming Mouse combines good looks with impressive performance from its high resolution gaming-grade optical sensor, then and adds a dash of creature comfort by wrapping its classic shape with non-slip rubber side panels. What truly makes KORONA a standout performer, however, is the additional complement of key gaming features like built-in memory and customizable user interface software which are normally reserved for much more expensive mice. 
  • Software Programmable Buttons - The KORONA RGB Gaming Mouse buttons are programmable using the Kaliber Gaming software to set mouse buttons for keyboard commands, create macros, and execute functions that would typically be much more difficult. In addition to gaming functions, KORONA's programmable buttons can be programmed to make desktop functions more manageable, like turning buttons into hotkeys to control media playback, insert text strings or act as direct links to open files or programs. 

Our Thoughts: The KORONA KORE Compact RGB Keyboard & Mouse Combo has all the features gamers want alongside being compact enough for any space. The classically designed gaming mouse has a 5000dpi gaming-grade sensor which gives you the best possible experience during your favorite games on top of built-in memory and customizable user interface software. The 87 Key RGB Gaming Keyboard features illumination, double injected keycaps with a plunger key design for added durability. These features give gamers a smooth and comfortable keystroke experience to keep them immersed in their favorite games. The gaming keyboard features a 26 anti-ghosting keys, Windows key lock function, All-Key Lock, and swappable W-A-S-D/arrow key functions. This makes the keyboard very accessible, easy to use and perfect for extended periods of play. In the end, the KORONA KORE Compact RGB Keyboard & Mouse Combo is perfect for travel or college students in small spaces and allows the best possible gaming experience for your favorite PC games. In the end, if you are looking for an affordable gaming keyboard and mouse, then look no further with the KORONA KORE Compact RGB Keyboard & Mouse Combo!

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