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Is GTA VI Going to Take Players Back to Vice City?

Gamers across the world are on the edge of their seats, constantly waiting for news about one of the most eagerly anticipated games of all time. GTA VI is in the making. That much is common knowledge. But the game's developer, Rockstar Games, is keeping its cards close to its chest when it comes to information about the story, characters and, most importantly, the game’s release date. But fans have finally been given a little titbit to keep them going – the game could take place in Vice City.

Gamers know now not to question whether there will be another Grand Theft Auto game, they simply have to speculate over when it will be released. The landmark series from Rockstar Games has been so influential on the rest of the gaming industry, it is never going to go away.

A lot of ideas that are formed for the gangster games are replicated and reused in other titles, illustrating the franchise's mass cultural impact across the industry. For example, Gangsta City Slot Reloaded uses similar graphics to GTA and features fast, gorgeous cars. The game can be found at Partycasino, where players get a $500 bonus upon joining. Anyone interested in offers like this can find more details on their website. Furthermore, in the mobile gaming market, GTA has influenced titles like Payback and Gangsta: West Coast Hustle. There is no end to the number of console games that have utilized elements from the game-changing series, which was first launched back in 1997 on the PS1.

Whatever Rockstar Games chooses to do with its next offering, you can guarantee that other developers will take note and look to replicate it in any way possible. At the moment, the title is expected to be released in conjunction with the next generation of Sony’s flagship console, the PlayStation 5. Some people are predicting a 2020 or 2021 release date for this.

While there are a lot of fake rumors circulating the internet as gamers speculate over the new game, some of the theories could hold weight. One major idea doing the rounds is that the game will be set in Vice City among other locations. Players will remember the fictional setting based on Miami from the 2002 offering, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. For many, the game, which starred Ray Liotta as Tommy Vercetti, is the best in the series, and it has been listed various times as one of the most influential games ever made.

The last game in Vice City was set in 1986, and drew inspiration from the classic Brian De Palma gangster films; Scarface and Carlito’s Way. The clothing, vehicles, and music reflected this time period vividly, and brought about a refreshing change in direction to the other games in the franchise. Now players are hungry to get back to the vibrant city, but this time, perhaps, experience what it's like for the modern-age gangster.

GTA VI is expected to be the biggest game Rockstar has ever created. It could span Vice City, Liberty City, and may even include a new fictional setting based on Rio de Janeiro. Although it would be great to play the game right now, it is also nice to know that the developers are taking great care in making it the best possible game it can be. When it does drop, it will undoubtedly exceed expectations.
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